Community Services - Sponsorship of Eyetopia
Description :

"Eyetopia" is a service project jointly organized by the Lions Club of Victoria Hong Kong and Leo Club of Victoria Hong Kong since 2011.  It was co-organized by Methodist Center and Hong Kong Society for the Blind in 2012 & 2013.  It aims to foster interaction between the visually impaired and normal-sighted population via different activities such as the photo-taking competition (2011), the drawing event and carnival involving more than 300 participants at Southorn Playground (2012) and charity culinary event (2013) and, ultimately, promote a harmonious society.  "Eyetopia Artogether 2012", the drawing event and carnival was awarded to the ‘Best Service Project’ by Leo District 303, Hong Kong & Macao, China.  The award recognizes the uniqueness of "Eyetopia", as well as its seamless organization and resounding impact on community.    


Flora Innovative Lighting Ltd. has sponsored the event of Eyetopia in 2011 and 2012 as the platinum sponsor.  And continued to support this yearly service project in 2013.  For more details of the events, please browse the introduction files by the following hyperlinks :-


Eyetopia Dance-together (2014);


Eyetopia Cook-together (2013);


Eyetopia Artogether (2012) & 


Eyetopia - "Share Your Vision" Photo Competition (2011).